Swelling and Dislocation

I know it happened about 7 days ago, but, like the title says, I honestly can’t recall exactly when or where I rolled my left ankle but I clearly remember the pain that I felt on this foot when I woke up the next morning and tried to stand up. Ouch!! There was also considerable swelling.Weird! How could I not remember at all when this happened? Oh, well.
Fortunately I had an old pair of crutches from a previous incident-falling down the stairs in Carolina-so I stayed off that foot for a couple of days.
Even so, it’s not as if I’m losing sleep about it because the ankle roll because there was one other,more painful injury that I experienced on the night of the day that I rolled my ankle: dislocating my right shoulder once again. I first dislocated it back when I was a teenager and the bone has slipped out the same way it most recently did. Some of you reading this may have experienced the sharp pain that comes with dislocating a bone, a kind of pain that might cause the “victim”- in this case me- to curse like a sailor for a couple minutes as if swearing is really going to bring any relief to that particular injury. Even so, that’s how I reacted.
As I write this, each of the injuries are far better. I can walk without pain and was able, with a little bit of luck, adjusting different areas of my shoulder, to somehow get my shoulder straightened out and the dislocated bone back to its normal spot. I wouldn’t wish this kind of torturous injury on anyone. It sucked!
Fortunately, I’ve finally decided to do the same type of strength-training that I did when I first dislocated it. Starting next week I’ll be going to a rehab center-Access Rehab- here in town to begin strength training. Hopefully, if I do it long enough and the training is actually effective, I’ll be able to put these dislocations behind me. We’ll see!

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