Glad and Lucky It Wasn’t Worse

Having a simple seizure is a tiring experience but painless….well, usually.  Having a seizure while showering and wiping out is a totally different feeling. It hurts… alot!

I believe that is what happened to me yesterday morning, coming out of  the seizure state with a raw pain coming  from the left side of my eye. When I looked into the bathroom mirror, my left eye was swollen and scraped up a bit, as if I were in a barroom brawl(and lost). Even so, it was my left wrist that required the most attention because it hurt  a lot. Fortunately it was just a sprain.

It appears that I seized out at an inopportune time and fell down somehow, possibly into the bathtub. Either that or I seized while stepping out of the shower  and tripped or slipped in some way and nailed my head on the sink.   Those are just guesses. Strange thing is that I am not sure exactly how I fell or what I hit my head on.

Fortunately, I didn’t need to call for an ambulance because I didn’t feel like it was necessary. There was no gushing blood from my face so, as much pain as I was in, I just took care of things myself and then I called Ann, who, once she got to see a picture of my “wounds”reacted how I expected her to: Shocked and grossed out a bit.

Even though I got banged up, I could now laugh a little about it  because it was the last thing that I expected to happen. Some things are worth talking(make that writing) about and this accident is one of them.   Same goes for the other small injuries that I suffered from this fall, or whatever happened: a seemingly hyper-extended and sore right pinkie and a sprained left wrist. Other than these  three noticeable injuries, the rest of me feels just fine.


After checking around the bathroom, there were no obvious signs or clues to me as to what actually happened. No dents in anything, no blood, nothing. Even so, it’s not as if I was horribly disfigured to the point of not being able to move too much at all, but I feel lucky to not have broken any bones, torn  ligaments or stitches needed for my eye.

This type of accident is probably more common than I think, but I wanted to give readers a personal account because I never, ever thought something like this would happen to me. Oh well!

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