Looking back at 2019

As I get ready to begin a new year and a new decade, I will try and go back through the things that me feel like the very lucky and fortunate man that I am.


From celebrating New Year’s Eve at friends’ house to receiving a personal message from Chris Maloney-Elliott Stabler on Law and Order-or winning $15 on lottery ticket I had received, I was fortunate to have mostly good things happen to me throughout the year.


Ann and I were fortunate to see Eric turn 16 because he is a super guy who is a great student, now driving, who knows how to have fun without making poor decisions. For that Ann and I are truly grateful.


He also performed in a number of plays- in all- this year, ranging from the first one,Willy Wonka- in which Eric was Mike TV- at the Palace Theater to his last one-Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, a lively, upbeat musical in which Eric played Benjamin that finished up yesterday. As usual he was super and amazed me with how he plays each part so smoothly.


I myself was grateful to have the neuropacemaker in my head replaced without any trouble earlier in the year though it’s disappointing that we’re(Ann and I) not getting the results-fewer seizures- that we had hoped for from this device. Even so, I’m still a very lucky and fortunate guy because I know that I have people who will always love me, just as I am.


Of course, Ann and I and my brother Steve made time to do a short road race-the ShamRock and Roll race in New Haven. Remember you guys? We dominated the field.


We vacationed down in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina with friends and had a great time, just like every other time we have gone down there, kayaking, biking and laughing an awful lot.


Though Dad passed away last month, I’ve found that living life with energy and purpose is what he would most want me(and all of us) to do, so I’m trying my best to live that way. I hope that you all have a great New Year!



2 thoughts on “Looking back at 2019

  1. Excellent piece Danny!! A lot of people can learn from you life’s lessons! You’re a great man, husband & father, never forget that! Love ya! Stico

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  2. Hey Dan, I just saw this ….just beautiful , as usual. I agree with Steven, but add that your humility and the way you handle your epilepsy is something that all of us can learn from. You never complain, never feel sorry for yourself, you just keep going and learning from the simplest things the day-to-day things that happen to you. Happy new year sweet brother to you, Annette and Eric! Let’s hope it’s a good one. Love you Sharon


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