Happy Birthday Eric!

When we -Annette, Eric and I- all woke up this morning, Eric turned 17. Basically, an adult. That fact simply blows my mind. For some reason, I seem to be amazed by how fast time is passing as I get older …and he gets older. Maybe that’s because he has grown up so fast. And he’s a great kid, I mean, man.

I’m not saying that I feel like an old hag or anything, but I think that there’s a lot more reflecting on my part each year because he has grown up so fast. It simply blows my mind!

While his16th birthday was a big deal, you know, because he’d be able to drive, his  birthday reaction this year, thus far, has been a more  laid back reaction to the fact that, though it’s nice to celebrate another birthday, it won’t be the same, obviously, as it was when he was a boy because his life continues to be busy and full. His daily schedule is that of a grown man, an adult, who has successfully balanced  work and rehearsal for past shows and currently, as an assistant helping out with this year’s school play, all while   maintaining honor-roll grades.  As for what Eric will be doing for his birthday, he’ll be headed down to NYC after school to visit friends who are completing their auditions for different colleges, I would assume, because they-his friends- would like to attend a college with a strong theatrical program.

That is what he wanted to do, so Ann and I were fine with it. After all, at his age it’s hardly surprising that he wants to be with his friends, even if it is his birthday. I hope that his time is spent safely and wisely and that when he gets home tomorrow sometime, he has a bunch of good things to say about this quick but exciting trip to New York City. Happy birthday big guy!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Eric!

  1. Nice piece danman! He certainly has grown up fast!! He’s on the right track & you & ‘Nettes should be very proud

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