Happy Birthday, Moose!

First off, the nickname above is  a name that my father and I sometimes called each other just for the fun of it. It was a real simple way for him and I to laugh a little and forget about what was sometimes, just like most anybody else, a seemingly  busy life. This and the way dad and I use to talk about different things and laugh out loud with him about silly things are 2 of the things I miss most about dad.

I decided to ask most of my other brothers and sisters what they miss about dad and here’s what they told me:

Maureen told me this, “I miss laughing with him because no one made me laugh the way he did. For Trish, it was his ability to remember things. “I was always amazed at all the information that he had stored in his brain. He always amazed me that way.”

For others, it was the phone calls that they had with him. “I miss calling him from  California,”said Kathy.We talked every week and I’d fill him in on the beautiful weather in California. I would also tell him about any activities we’ve done. I miss hearing his always positive voice.” Kevin recalled talks that he had while walking his dog. “I miss calling him often and we would talk while I was walking the dog,’ Kev said, ” and he would always ask about Andrea and say things I didn’t deserve. He was such a good father!”

Steve talked about his visits with dad. “I miss going to see him on the weekends and we’d watch hoops or golf. Dad reminded me about different events he had covered. Always cool.” For another sister, Sharon, she recalled watching old movies with dad. “I miss sitting with dad on my Saturday visits and watching old movies. He would tell me about all the actors and actresses(from the movies.)”

Sheila was a fan of the many stories that dad told, among other things. “What I miss about dad are all the wonderful stories he shared about his life! His childhood love for(read:adoration) mom, and his family, and his incredible stories about his career.” Finally, my oldest brother, Owen, described how things are different. “Saturday’s aren’t the same. We used to talk on that day.”

This is how we’re- most of his children- are mostly feeling and missing about dad since he left us but, as you can all see, we’re strong, supportive of one another and able to move on. I’d be willing to bet that he is celebrating his birthday with Mom, Uncle Matt and Nan and Gramps. Happy birthday, Dad!

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