Fortunate and Lucky

This was my first thought after I regained full consciousness after having a seizure as I rode to my boxing class yesterday morning. You see, I had been riding my bike over to  BlueBoy Boxing for the class, a real short ride that takes me about 5 minutes to get there, something that I had been doing for every class when IT struck. Now, the fact that I’m always sure to ride safely, helmet and all, off to the side of the road most certainly helped me in this situation. Still, there must have been someone watching me because I was fortunate and lucky I did not swerve into the path of a car when I seized.

You see, I’m not quite sure if my body just shut down when the seizure began, or what but I do know that I stopped-somehow- riding that bike and moved it and myself totally out of the road without getting hurt at all. Of course, I’m very glad that things turned out  how they did but I do, obviously, wonder how things like this happen without anyone getting hurt. Therefore, I’ll continue to bike around town because I feel somewhat protected with the thought that, as long as I don’t do anything crazy or dumb on the bike, I will be OK. As far as my boxing class, I had no problem getting through it because I enjoy it so much and knew that I once got going, I would most likely wake right up…and I did. By the time this class ended I was wide awake and feeling good.

Crazy things happen to people every day where they avoid serious injuries somehow, some way. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky never to have seriously hurt myself biking, boxing or doing anything else in all these years. I’m a lucky man.








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