Quality Time With Super Guy

5D656E17-23DB-4144-BEDB-687ED8170CADWho’s that guy? It’s my brother Steve, and him and I did a 5k(3.1 miles) race- the 99.1 PLR CrossPoint Federal Credit Union ShamRock & Roll race- in New Haven today. The thing a little difference about todays’ race, compared to other races that we have done in the past is that he and I walked the entire race.

Even though I wished that we could both run this race together,  neither Steve nor I were able to pull it off today for different health-related reasons. Even so, we set out, walking a distance pace the entire way and, more importantly to me, caught up with one another’ respective lives, laughed a lot and, simply, enjoyed one another’ company.

That’s the way things should always go when your spending time your own brother but, let’s face it, not everyone has quality relationships with their own family, but we do and for that I will always be grateful.

In a popular race race like this one that we did, there is usually nice turnout and this year was no different. Music was blasting, mostly rock as WPLR is a well-known rock station here in Connecticut. In my running days, music was a super way to get me motivated to do as well as I could in a race. Even so, walking a race takes a while longer, but having Steve to talk with throughout the race made it much easier, in my opinion, and a lot more fun. Thanks Lenny!

Fortunately, we were able to pull off a walking 5k in just under one hour, something we were both proud of. That was a joke, in case anyone’s wondering.

And so, this was a good day for me and, though I’m bummed out that Anne couldn’t join us, but it was still nice to spend some time with Steve and enjoy something we’ve always liked: doing roadraces.



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