Classic Example of Kindness!

Though I just sent out another blog just a couple of days ago, I was itching to write about something else that happened to me a couple of days ago. Though one of the central subjects I am going to mention is a seizure that I had on that day, that is not the main reason that I am writing this.

Instead, I’ll focus on the kindness that people showed to me following this seizure. OK. here goes: Last Friday, I had gone over to my my boxing class at the Blue Boy Boxing Club in Thomaston at my usual time and then begun the stretching the way we normally do before each class.  Suddenly, I was swallowed up by another seizure, drowning in darkness and confusion. This left me drowsy and uninspired, sitting in a chair on the side of the room. Right away, I decided that I would be skipping that particular session and  would be going home on my bike once I felt a little bit more awake. Or so I thought.

Either Nina or Kareem Blue, owners of this place, thought that maybe I should not, and arranged for someone from a previous class to drive me back to my house. This woman, Maggie, whom I had seen and talked to  briefly a few times was more than happy to give me a quick lift back home. Thanks so much, Maggie!

Now ,this sounds like a real simple example of people being kind to another person in need of some simple, kind assistance and that is exactly what it was! And I appreciated all their efforts very, very much!

With other class members battling Parkinsons’ Disease and other things, I can’t imagine that my seizure was the first time that Kareem or Nina faced a situation where one of their classes was slowed or temporarily stopped because of a minor physical mishap with with one of their “athletes,”but if it was, they handled it beautifully, and I’ll always be grateful. Thank you, guys!









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