They Shouldn’t Push the Panic Button

Maybe I’m nuts, but I, for one,  think that a panic is setting in.  For example, NCAA basketball  went ahead and canceled many of its scheduled tournament games yesterday(Thursday) in light of the coronavirus outbreak here in the US.

Maybe(and most likely) the NCAA fears what legal tidal waves they might face if they went ahead and played their respective tournaments and games if, afterward, select few injured players contracted the coronavirus and became ill or, God forbid, died.

I’m only guessing that that is at least one of the reasons that the NCAA did this, but it could have also been done for a hundred other reasons. I’m certainly hoping that doctors around the country can make quick work of this virus and soon determine everything, including sports can resume its normal schedule.

At this point, I realize that I’m asking a lot, but, hey, miracles do happen, right? In fact, of the few games being played that I watched as I wrote this was Creighton against St. John’s in a Big East quarterfinal game from Madison Square Garden. Sure enough though, the Big East, too, decided to cancel the remainder of their tournament after that game. Not that I was surprised.

I wish that this stupid virus was not among us, but now that it is, we all- even those of us who have not been stricken with it- must deal it- because now, we never know if, how or when we might be somehow sickened with this virus. Hopefully, nobody I love or know will become ill now or ever. Quite honestly, I haven’t worried a great deal about this virus for whatever reason. Maybe I just have a lot of faith in America’s medical personnel.

Some day, our respective lives will resume like they once did but, for now, everyone, especially athletes, professional and otherwise, are taking dramatic steps to assure that they all stay healthy for future games and seasons.

One thought on “They Shouldn’t Push the Panic Button

  1. There are many unknowns about this virus and it is battering the country on many fronts. Sports are taking a beating, the stock market is falling and the economy is on shaky ground too. I think we need to adjust to a new “normal” at least for the time being. Hang in there!


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