Some Ways to Pass Excess Time

Since the coronavirus(COVID-19) disease reached the United States and, eventually, Connecticut, there have been a lot of changes made, most notably the closing of all schools due to the unknown danger that the pandemic may carry.

As a result, even though there is still about three months left in the school year, there is,  a lot more free time for kids to fill. Normally, there is homework, clubs, regular jobs, rehearsals, practices, games and other things to fill up kids’ days, but now, most of that is not happening because of the virus. But there is hope.

A while back- I’m not sure how long it was- Ann showed me all the different games that I could play  on my iPhone with people near and far no matter whether I knew them or not. I certainly don’t make it a habit of playing total strangers all the time, but if someone wants to play,  once in a blue moon, I’ll give them a shot at least one time. Now,  though there are a number of games that people can play, there are only 2 games that I will(and do) play consistently, Yahtzee and Words 2.  Even so, I don’t  make a habit of  sitting down for hours at a time playing the above-mentioned games because I know that it’s just not healthy to be sitting or lying in one spot playing a game for too long a time without doing anything else in between, but it is a good way to pass some of my time time. And I have other things that I need to get done….like this blog!  Ha!Ha!Ha!

And so, for kids looking for something to between, say, online classes, playing some of these games could be a pretty cool idea. They’re quiet, usually fast-moving games that will keep their brains tuned up for whatever schoolwork they may have to do online in this school years’ last few months.

Or maybe starting a small, short-running tournament with friends could be done to add a little bit of excitement to what may becoming real long days. Like I said, I only play a couple games, but I’m willing to bet there are more than a handful of youngsters who play many of these games with a great deal of confidence.

For anyone who might be interested, I found a list of some of the most popular iPhone games in 2020. Here are a few of them: Alto’s Odyssey, DonutCountry, Oceanhorn, Into theDead 2, Reigns and The Witness. Good luck to all!




7 thoughts on “Some Ways to Pass Excess Time

    • Why not Sharon? Geez!! Yeah, I find them entertaining from time to time. By the way, are you still going to work or are you working from home? Just curious. Annette still goes in. I’m not too worried because she has a small office away from others. I hope that Travis and you are doing well, dude! Love!



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