Somehow, They Get Along Pretty Well

PetsThe they in my title above refers to our five pets- 3 cats(Margarita, Buddy and Zoe) and 2 dogs- that we currently have in our home. We ended up rescuing the dogs, Buddy, a Yorkshire terrier/Maltese mix and Zoe, a York Terrier/poodle mix often called a Yorkipoo  where one of their previous owners had abandoned(Zoe) and beaten up(Buddy) the small  hounds during the time that they had them.


Of course, that doesn’t hold a candle to something like child abuse and the terrible  problems that are caused by unhinged parents who physically or mentally abuse their kids, but there are plenty of people out there, myself included, who find the deliberate injury of dogs, cats or any other kind of pet gutless and cruel.

We have had the dogs for about nine years and got the cats from a friend of Anns’ roughly two and a half years ago. Even so, and despite the dogs’ occasionally hyper and aggressive personalities, they have been able to carry on a mostly peaceful existence living with one another. About the only time that there is any evidence of unrest is when Zoe goes zipping through our living room hot on the trail of one of the cats. Only problem the is that the cats are faster and more graceful than her and are able to quickly jump up high on to a table or chair to get out of her reach.

Speaking with Ann, she told me that Margarita was the only one among the three  cats to have had any issues to deal with when she was younger because it was found on the streets of Waterbury. If I had to guess, I would say that she is also a bit older than Lucy and Linus.

One of the things that amuses me the most about these cats is how they’ll act when it’s time to eat by using somewhat of a feeding routine in which, if I’m not paying attention, they will come on over to me wherever I am and drown me in a chorus of meows until I get up and feed them. The dogs tried meowing but weren’t able to pick it up. That was a meek attempt at humor. Can I get a few laughs?

Speaking of those dogs,  they’re feed-me- now style usually consists of jumping up on the couch and either staring at me, barking in a whining manner or howling until I get up and feed them. Sure enough, it works every time because they’re all so darn cute!

There are so many other good things that I could tell you about having all these pets, but I don’t want to ramble on, so I’ll just end this by saying we’ve had and will continue to have a blast affecting all their lives in a positive way. Maybe some of you who read this will want to do the same.

6 thoughts on “Somehow, They Get Along Pretty Well

  1. Hey Dan!
    Fun to hear about the different ways your pets get your attention 😂
    My Luther does a lot of barking (I call it yelling) at me when he wants to be fed or a walk. They are such a comfort at this isolating time.
    Thanks for sharing . 😽🐶


  2. Good stuff Danman! I can just envision this chaos during the course of a day- lol Liked that that dog trying to meow- I GOT it! Stay safe & keep’em coming!

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