This Gem Had Me Thinking of Dad

I am talking about Unbroken, the powerful movie and true story of American soldier Louis”Louie” Zamperini who was taken as a prisoner of war by the Japanese during World WarII after having survived an incredible 47 days at sea after his plane crash-landed into the ocean after an engine on his plane had died.

Anyway, and like my title says, I was thinking about dad as this movie first came on both because I was thinking a lot about him and because I’m because I’m quite certain that he saw and loved this movie. I talked to one of my sisters about my plans to write this blog and she assured me that dad did indeed enjoy history.

Many people reading this have probably seen this movie but, of course, I have no idea what most of  you may have thought of it but I do know this: my dad most likely loved this movie and I’ll tell you why: Like I said earlier, dad enjoyed history, especially American history and though this movies’ main subject this one mans'(Zamperini) amazing story, it was a story about this man and two others, Russell Allen Phillips and Francis McNamara(who survived 33 days at sea before passing away) did everything they could to survive not only being stranded on the open sea by eating raw fish they were somehow able to catch but somehow managed to dodge numerous attacks on their rafts before being captured by Japanese forces and sent to a POW camp.

Moving on, the fact that Zamperini, who competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics in the 5,000 meter run, was a particularly favorite target of one ruthless Japanese officer was difficult to watch as he was beaten repeatedly by others as well as with objects such as belt buckles and kendo sticks.

The harshness and violence in this movie made it tough to watch but I came away admiring this man because he was as strong as hell, somehow never letting the bastard of an officer who so hoped to break him do him in.

My father loved a story a like this one, so maybe that is why I was thinking about him so much on that day.  In closing, I would like to go in a different direction and wish Mom and Dad an early 65th wedding anniversary(May 7) up in heaven. Love you guys!!









4 thoughts on “This Gem Had Me Thinking of Dad

  1. Dan,
    I remember how Dad loved American history and most likely saw and loved this movie. I have been thinking about him a lot lately too.
    I really miss him.
    Thanks for another great story.


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