Wonderful Weekend Getaway


I feel like the luckiest man on earth writing this, with today marking what has been the best 20 years of marriage to the most incredible woman a man could ever ask for in someone like my wife, Ann.

As a way to celebrate our super achievement, Ann,  our son Eric and I decided to enjoy a long weekend up in Bar Harbor, Maine tucked away in a cabin that was about 100 feet from the Atlantic Ocean.  This “leg” of water that was near our cabin often receded, allowing guests, in this case, us to walk along the sand to look for and even pick up shells or anything else that may’ve interested them. I know that Ann was hoping to see or nab a starfish, but we didn’t see any.  Even so, we came away with quite a few good-looking shells.

As for the things that we did, there was nothing traditional like a big, fancy dinner or seeing a show. No, instead, we all visited the surrounding towns as a family, doing a lot of walking to see things like the Bass Harbor Light Station to resting and enjoying the views looking out on the ocean at Acadia Park.

We also did some hiking, nothing dangerous, but very beautiful nonetheless around Jordan Pond. During that time, we also ate, bought a couple souvenirs and tried our best at the cabin to build a fire that would last awhile and then roasted marshmallows, talked and laughed until, after a few minutes, the fire said “Good-night.” Not a problem, though. We actually ended up watching a movie each night that we were in the cabin, opting for scary movies each time: Christine  was our first choice and then we went with Misery the next night. Every one of us chose and/or remembered Misery as the better movie, which it clearly was.

For a shorter vacation getaway, it was perfect. The setting was beautiful and we all had a blast!

Happy 20th Anniversary NetNet!   I Love You!!


























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