Another Nice Getaway: Bushkill Falls

When Ann first talked about taking a ride down to Pennsylvania to check out what I now know is the beautiful Bushkill Falls in the Pocono Mountains, I didn’t exactly burst with enthusiasm. She, of course, had checked it out online and, I believe, been told by friends that they were certainly worth seeing.

Not surprisingly, she chose a wonderful, day-long outing and we spent the entire time we were there following numerous trails that gave us amazing views of the waterfalls. I’ve said this before I believe in other blogs, but she loves taking pictures and took a whole bunch on this day, including the ones seen with this blog.

On top of this, we had a perfect, sunny day and there weren’t too many people there, I assume because of the Corona virus so getting around was pretty easy. The names of the waterfalls that we saw that day were the Silverthread, Dingmans Falls, Bushkill Falls and Raymondskill Falls and the one I found to be my favorite: Silverthread Falls. This particular waterfall had two very thin waterfalls coming down just a foot or two apart from one another. They also seemed to be running, or flowing slower than the others so I guess that’s why I liked it a bit more. It seemed to be the total opposite of every other one of the waterfalls in that regard, but to meet it was the most interesting-looking one.

In addition to the beautiful waterfalls, there were so many seemingly bright, almost glowing green bushes and trees all around, flanking each waterfall that we saw. Maybe it appeared that way to me because of the overall beauty of the area that we were in. I’ve got to admit that, when I was younger, I wasn’t the biggest fan of things like waterfalls and other nature-related things but, being older, I’ve learned that stuff like these waterfalls are not just powerful but incredibly nice.






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