Renewing Our Wedding Vows

IMG_5514Even though it was almost a month after our actual wedding date(6/17), Ann and I vowed that we were going to renew our wedding vows this year. Yesterday morning, we finally put our words into action by renewing our vows at our church without any problems at all.

After all, we had reached a pretty significant number of 20 years with plans on continuing our marital journey for many, many more years. I remember that my parents had renewed their vows on their 25th wedding anniversary and had always told myself that, should I ever marry, I too would renew vows with my wife when we had come to an anniversary number that stood out to us. For Ann and I, that number was 20.

And it was far simpler then I thought that it might be. After attending our normal Sunday morning service yesterday, lead pastor Judah had Ann and I come up to the front  of the church. He then asked each of us the”do you promise” questions to which we each answered ” I do.” We then repeated what we had done at our wedding, high-fiving one another before kissing one another. And that was all there was to it! It worked out great!

I’m not complaining, by saying that we were able to renew our wedding vows in just a couple of minutes. In fact, considering that it is the middle of July, it was probably better that things didn’t last too long.  Moving on, once Ann and I had completed the renewal process, our son Eric, some of Ann’s friends from her Prayer Group and others applauded. It was really nice!

Hopefully, we will be able to do that again at least one more time in our lives but, in the mean time, we’re going to celebrate this wonderful achievement now and everyday thereafter.






6 thoughts on “Renewing Our Wedding Vows

  1. Very sweet story Dan! So nice to be able to celebrate 20 years of marriage. Not many couples can say that!❤️
    Love you guys


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