Gaining An Appreciation for Nature

IMG_5711The sunflower fields on the Buttonwood  Farms in Granby really woke me up to the potential and obvious beauty of certain natural plants and flowers. On what was the first day of the Butterwoods Farms Sunflower Festival, Ann, who had learned of this gem of a place online, and I never enjoyed the whole festival itself. But that wasn’t a bad thing!

Instead, we pulled off right near a stone wall, only about three feet high, got out of the car and stood atop this wall for a short time taking pictures-some of which you see below- of the seemingly endless field of sunflowers. Now, I’ve ever been a big fan of flowers of any kind but on this day, it was different. Maybe it was the fact it was a beautiful sunny day and the sun beating down on all those flowers seemed to make them a tad brighter than they actually were. Or it could have been that I was amused by the other people who had soon parked their cars and taken a number of pictures, either up on this wall or from the ground.

And so, on this day, we enjoyed a couple of hours taking in many a flower on just a bit of what is actually more than 14 acres of sunflowers. And we didn’t pay a dime! I wish I were the type of person that enjoyed things like this more often but at least I gained some kind of respect for these huge flowers in that there is actually some type of beauty in them.  Just call me Sunny.






2 thoughts on “Gaining An Appreciation for Nature

  1. Great piece!!!!!! Love your pictures. Yes, always appreciate the beautiful, simple things in life!!! I love you brother!!!😘❤️😎


  2. Hey Sunny ☀️!
    It looks like a beautiful place to visit!!!
    Thanks for sharing these pictures and your visit with us.


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