It Doesn’t Seem So Long Ago

IMG_0919I woke up this morning, began reading today’s paper and noticed that the date was August 4.  On this date 32 years ago, my brothers, sisters and I lost one of our true heroes: our mother, Ethel Riley, after she passed away far earlier than any of us would have wanted her too.

As would be expected, every one of us, including dad, mourned her loss, yet every single one of us had the strength to resume our lives with her on our minds…and do quite well! Of course, dad is now with you, mom, but I smile as I write this because as difficult as this for all of us I know that both of you are complete and smiling having seen one another again.

Like I’ve said, us, your children have each found the strength to move and do the best with our lives that we can. Mom, both dad and you taught us that life will not be easy, that we will each face challenges, some harder than others but that if we’re properly prepared, that we could handle anything that came our way…and we have.

Just like your own children, your grandchildren are becoming good people as well. Take Ann and I’s son, Eric, whose about to enter his senior year in high school. An honor student, Eric has a few colleges that he’s looking at, with his goal to major in drama at one of them.He also works hard, stays out of trouble and is an overall great kid, much like your other grandchildren.

While writing this blog, I never became too emotional  because time has passed, I’ve grown older and I suppose there is just a sense of knowing that just like we, your 10 children, have found there is a way to move  on with our respective lives and turn out OK after all.

That is all I have for now, Mom. Please tell dad that we all said hi.  Love, Dan



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