I Would Know Where I Was

When  Buddy- one of our dogs and I- reached the store that we go to down the street from our house each morning, I grabbed something to drink and then made my way to the cash register to ring out. Suddenly, a one of the guys who works there-I’ll call him Gump- greeted me and then said, ” I saw you and your wife at Cumberland Farms last night.” I told him that I’d been there but not with Ann and not at 11:15 at night.

Here is where Gump began to drive me nuts, insisting without a doubt that it was musand that he would never make such a mistake. “It was you,” he said repeatedly, ” I was there. I know that it was you.”

Well, are you sure Gump, because I was not and I am certain of that! Yeah, I know. Why am I pouting like a five-year old who is not getting his way about something so silly and stupid? I guess because I can’t believe how mad I got at this guy. We were asleep at the time he said we were over there, but he just wouldn’t give up. And that drove me nuts! Hopefully, people will or are now grinning or laughing now as they read this blog, amused(hopefully not disgusted) by the silliness of this subject and the fact that a grown man is writing it. I know that I am(and calling myself a fool).

Lets face it, every one of you reading this have faced a Gump-type of person or situation involving a Gumper at sometime during your lives. Getting pissed at ridiculous things and, for some reason, it sticks with you awhile.

That was me this morning. I raged at Gump about not being there and that, while I do go to Cumby’s often, last night was not one of those times that I was there. Me and Buddy finally left with me thinking, “You know what, if these little things are the kind of things that make Gump a happy person, well, good for him.”

OK, now I’m done….and I’m no longer pissed. Hopefully readers get a a kick out of this.


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