One Berkshire Pie With 2 Great Guys

What I am about to write about is simply a lunch that I had earlier yesterday with one of my brothers, Steve,  and one of my friends, Mike.

Seeing as how how all three of us take eating pretty seriously, we agreed that lunch at The Berkshire Cafe in Torrington was the the perfect choice. After Mike picked me up, we headed up to the hospital and picked up Steve, then went to the Berkshire for a large pie with onions, pepperoni and and sausage.

And that was only part of what made yesterdays’ outing such a good time. With these two men, you don’t have wait too long before you’re laughing  because they’re very funny guys. Hey, it also helped that we were seated outside because it was a beautiful day.

Anyway, it began when Mike first showed up. I moaned as I bent my legs trying to get into the car and Mike had that familiar smirk on his face as if  to say, “I really want to laugh but I won’t.” After I explained to him why I looked like an old-man, he finally let out one of his familiar laughs.

It was fun to see Mike and Steve together again because they’re funny as hell when they’re together. If it sounds like I’ve forgotten a few of the things that they said and we laughed about, you’re correct. Yes, I know that makes the readability of this blog far less interesting to many people, but, to me I had to write about yesterdays’ outing before I forgot about it all together.

You see, not everyone is lucky enough to have friends or siblings like I have. I am a fortunate man who had the company of 2 amazing people -1 sibling, 1 friend-yesterday. If you’re wondering about the pizza, it was unreal. Not real good for you but, is there really any pizza that’s good for you?

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