Time Certainly Flew By!

   It feels like just yesterday, but was actually closer to  about 17 years ago that Ann and I took Eric to his first school/day care environment. In just a few days, Eric will begin his senior year of high school, an honor student preparing to cap an amazing four-year run and move on to a yet-to- be decided college. Really?

On top of excelling in the classroom, Eric has always been  able to keep up with a busy schedule combining work, schoolwork and other school-related activities(plays, rehearsals,etc.) to maintain that impressive GPA. As a parent, it’s hard enough to get your child to pay attention and truly want to get good grades. Fortunately, Ann and I have never had that problem since Eric started school. He’s enjoyed learning and, it seems, it has never been much of a problem for him to figure out more difficult  problems or subjects. For this, we could not be more grateful.

  At the same time, Eric has always approached his schoolwork head-on with a ton of confidence, rather than throwing up his arms in frustration, cussing angrily or giving up when the work became difficult.

    A year from now, Eric will be away at the college he chose to attend and Ann and I will be getting used to the fact that our one and only, beautiful son is really living the life of a responsible adult, away from home, working to become anything that he wants to be in his lifetime and, though we will miss him, we’ll be so damn proud of him!  

     You’ve done a hell of a job, Eric!  Mom and I are so very proud of you! We hope that this year goes just as well as every other year has. I’m sure I’ll have more blogs about you at the end of the year, but I wanted to tell you that, like every other year, mom and I we’ll always be  your biggest fans.


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