Better Than I Remember It

That it I am talking about is learning Spanish, something that I barely managed to do many years ago in my last Spanish class-high school- but that I held my own with last night when Ann and I began our online Spanish class.

The teacher for our class, Spanish is Fun was a woman named Rebeca, and she kept all 11 of us involved through the two-hour class by first explaining what we would be learning and then by going through that particular stage at a pace we could all handle: real slow.

Rebeca began the class by instructing each of us how to introduce ourselves to the others in Spanish, along with where we were each from. Seeing as how it was unbelievably basic stuff we were learning, I was able to confidently tell them the following: “Me llamo Dan,” and “Soy de Los Estados Unidos o Connecticut.”

Next was the alphabet and I found that a tad confusing. Even so, we pressed on, learning a slew of vocabulary words, including jirafa(giraffe), laguna(lizard), perro(dog), carro(car) and rojo(red) among a slew of other words.

Another part of this class involved finding different discussions in the class’ textbook and going through them, with Rebeca explaining why certain words were used the way they were shown, as we moved along. Not only that, she also called on people,Ann and I included, to read different lines to see, I assume, how well we pronounced the words.

What I think I liked best about this class is that I already knew a few things, A VERY FEW THINGS, but a few things about Spanish and that I was at home doing this with Ann, not alone in a classroom feeling totally hopeless regarding my chances of doing real well in a Spanish class years ago.

Now, maybe because it is I am older, but I’m actually enjoying going over vocabulary for our next class. And finally, Tengo que hacer mis tareas. That’s “I have to do my homework”, in Spanish. Is anyone impressed yet?

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