My Father,My Friend

Dear Dad,

Well, dad, it’s hard to believe that nearly an entire year has already gone by since you went to be with mom. I thought that I would write another blog to you to let you know, that we’re all hanging in there.

The picture of you and I that I put with the first blog is in a nice holder right here on my desk. Not only do I love that picture(of you and I in the driveway of your house), but it also inspires me to write a little something on days I don’t feel like writing.

Now, an entire year has already passed since that day, but I am feeling pretty good about myself, my family and the very blessed life I now live.

First of all, it is hard to believe that Eric is now a senior who’s been looking at colleges near and far with the help of Annette, but it’s true. Time simply flies by! He has choices near and far because of his fine grades.

Annette has been working with Eric on college applications which has be a daunting task. She joined Toastmasters for public speaking and loves it. She has also been meeting with her prayer group from Thrive Church. We get out for hiking or taking day trips on the weekends!

For me, it has been boxing three times a week, doing any necessary errands or chores around the house while Annette and Eric are off at work and school, respectively and writing these blogs that I began doing with your encouragement and support, a couple of years ago. Every single time I write one of these things, dad, I think of the ways you gave me different tips, small tips but tips nonetheless, read what I had written and ALWAYS gave me a glowing review! That is one thing I certainly do miss, Moose!

Annette and I have had a little fun taking online Spanish classes. All together, we took four and enjoyed every one of them

I can’t speak for the others, but it appears that everybody-bros’ and sis’- have been able to stay strong and resume living their respective lives how they have wanted to.

That’s right, Dad. We’ll all be sad on that significant date (11/30), but, I believe we’ll all push forward and keep both Mom and you in our memories until our last days.



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