I Forgot! It Happens!

It’s a given that people may be a little less patient with one another, at times, as the COVID-19 continues to alter so many peoples’ lives. As a result, tempers will flare from time to time. Today, in a very minor incident, I was at the Cumberland Farms picking up a couple of things BUT I had forgotten my mask!(though I normally wear one) This had happened a couple of times before, but those working there handled it beautifully and never gave me a hard time about it, as long I brought a mask my next time in.

The same doesn’t always go for others there picking up stuff and I saw that earlier this afternoon when a guy tried to lash out at me for not having my mask. “Hey, you, put a mask on,’ said someone behind me. I turned around to see what was going and saw that this want-to-be tough guy was talking to me. I guess he thought the little scowl on his face was going to scare me, but it didn’t. And he told me I ‘had to put my mask on right now’ as if he were some Cumby exec. He wasn’t. He had jeans and a grimy t-shirt on.

Now, the place was pretty busy at the time so a few of them were amused when I replied, ” what are you going to do, ground me?” Yeah, I know, it makes no sense, but a few people grinned and this guy must have seen some of them smiling because he moved on quietly, looking for whatever.

Before the ‘I can’t believe he didn’t have a mask’ reaction please remember that people forget things every single day. Obviously I was not the only person to forget wearing a mask. I too have seen other people not wearing masks, but have never said a word to them because as I said earlier, people forget to do things all the time and, I’m sure, at least most of the time it’s not done purposely.

Sorry for rambling. My intention here was not to mock the COVID-19 virus because it is obviously a serious issue. However, I thought this little incident was too silly not to write about so here you have it, a wanna-be tough-guy ranting, trying to tell me what to do and me making somewhat of a fool of him.

Next time, dude, mind your own business. Either that or walk up to the person you have a problem with and TALK with them, don’t shout. You didn’t prove a damn thing yesterday, other than that you could make an ass of yourself.

4 thoughts on “I Forgot! It Happens!

  1. Wear a mask. Put one in your coat pocket so you always have one with you. At this point there’s no excuse. Everyone knows it’s important. If you’re going to forget it put one in your coat pocket.


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