Short But Sweet Trip

For the short trip that I took earlier this week to Alabama to visit my sister Trish and her husband, Gregg, I’d have to say that the themes of this visit were eating a lot of great food and catching up with one another.

After arriving in Atlanta on 1/31, I met up with Trish! Now, like many people, that was one of the things that I really enjoyed, the initial greeting, because I hadn’t seen her in a long time. After meeting up, Trish got us over to our connecting flight to Huntsville(AL).

Within a half hour, we had landed and Trish was introducing me to some of her co-workers, most of whom had that strong Southern accent. Sounds like such a silly thing to write about but, to me, it appears like someone’s accent reveals their personalities a little bit. As for Trish’s co-workers, they all seemed so happy and outgoing toward me. It was wonderful to meet each of them.

For the next four days, Trish, Gregg and I did errands, ate out many times- my favorite was Rosie’s Mexican Cantina in Huntsville, took walks with their dog Toby and walked television in their beautiful home in Decater while chatting with one another. That first night, Gregg and I were up the latest, watching I believe, a couple Seinfeld episodes before switching to something like Game of Games, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

We went out to eat one time with us three and Gregg’s mom, Arlene. A sweet woman who, though I didn’t say too much to her, was real easy to talk with when I did. All in all, I’d have to say that the, I think I have this right, shredded chicken soup were the best meals I had while I was there. This soup was made by Trish and it was outstanding! Thanks again, dude!

Gregg and I also(and talked about) watched some classic baseball moments, from Chris Chambliss’ pennant-clinching homer in 1976 to Bucky Dents’ go-ahead homer against the Red Sox in the 1-game playoff at Fenway to many others. Trish and I were able to catch up with each other while we we shopped for different things alone.

You the reader can tell that this blog has very basic info, but that’s because we all relaxed, had fun with each others’ company and that was just fine with every one of us. I just want to wrap this up by saying Thank You once more to Trish and Gregg! I had a blast and love you guys!

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