Miracles? Very Real Indeed

Ever since my seizures totally stopped this past fall, September 22st to be exact, I have written down the number of days that this “streak” has lasted thus far. 159. 159 somewhat normal days that have not been interrupted by sudden blackouts which, in turn, leave me confused and exhausted most times, ready to drop on a couch or bed for a long nap.

As I started writing this blog, Ann passed along a bit of information to me regarding the main reason for my seizures stopping: anti-anxiety medications. That’s right! I did some of my own research and made that magic med out to be sertraline. But how? Well, the story goes that I must do my best to stay somewhat mellow in my everyday life. No more getting too mad, say, about calls I might not agree with on games I’m watching on the tele or snapping at the dogs or cats because they’re annoying me.

Apparently, I must be doing something right because the seizures are no more…for now. But I am doing this a day at a time by staying busy, keeping a level-head and always taking my meds. The most I have taken away from this seizureless streak thus far is that my days feel normal again, in that I am waking up and doing whatever I want or need to from morning to night without those sleep “breaks” that usually come right after my seizures. Having energy all day long is priceless!

Luckily for me, I have so much to be grateful and thankful for, not to mention an extreme and eternal proudness for our wonderful son, Eric, including his most recent achievement. Well done, big guy! Extended family and a couple of friends know what I’m talking about with that last sentence. So, while there is always a chance a seizure will show its face any day now, I’ll cross my fingers and/or pray that they don’t.

8 thoughts on “Miracles? Very Real Indeed

  1. GREAT news Danman!!! It’s interesting the med that seems to be the key to your seizures. A med that is NOT associated (you would think) with seizures. Interesting. Good stuff!

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  2. GREAT news, Dan. Anxiety is such a tricky thing. We just kind of get used to having it, without realizing how it affects our health. I wish you continued relief from your seizures.


  3. Bravo Dan!!!
    You so deserve that feeling of normalcy after all these years of seizures. Your modesty and courage are amazing.
    I’m proud to call you my brother.
    Love Sharon


  4. Dan, I echo what Sharon says! No one deserves more relief than you! So glad this has been such an effective medication. Anxiety is such a tricky and REAL condition. I love you little brother!


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