My Plan for Weight-loss: OPTAVIA

Have any of you reading this ever heard of this program? No, me neither, but a friend of Ann’s told her about it, telling her about it because she(Ann’s friend) had lost some weight using it and swears by it…. as does the gentleman Ann and I were introduced to help me get started on it. And I, myself, took a big step forward yesterday by ordering my first shipment of OPTAVIA products that my diet will consist of it because as the days pass, I’m getting bigger and bigger. I certainly need to lose weight, and not just a tad. I’ll start this diet at 210 pounds on a 5 foot 8 inch body. Not good! Starting to resemble an Oompa Loompa character.

Even so, Larry, the guy who is my, you might say, coach, gave us a bunch of information about the program, including things that I could eat as I wait for my order. My first meal included ground turkey meat for tacos on soft tacos, along with veggies including tomatoes, green and red peppers and tomatoes. Now that was great, but the hardest part was not having any chips along with this meal. Man, it felt quite strange but is something I will have to get used to doing if I want to lose any weight. My goal is to lose 30/40 pounds.

Even though I ran a marathon years ago when I lived in Arizona, I believe that this-going on and sticking to a diet in order to lose a target number of pounds- is going to be more difficult than that long and very painful marathon(which I finished). Even so, I’m on board and we’ll see how this diet works for me Otherwise, I’ll continue eating and drinking the junk I love and gaining more and more weight. I’m hoping that that will not happen. Wish me luck!!

4 thoughts on “My Plan for Weight-loss: OPTAVIA

  1. Good Luck Dan! It’s hard to get the weight off after you turn 50. Women have a really hard time as well.
    Keep me posted and best of luck…you can do it 🤓❤️


  2. Good luck Danman!! You can do it!! The 1st couple weeks will probably be the hardest. You can do it!!

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