OPTAVIA: Just Over 2 Weeks In

My last blog was about this same diet and of how I was about to start doing it as soon as the food involved arrived. Well, it finally got to our house near the end of March and I officially began the the Optimal 5 & 1 Plan on March 30th.

Up to now, I’m very happy to say that this diet works! When I first started, my weight was 214( I know, different from the weight I”d written in the previous blog), but I need to let Larry know my weight when I began and it showed 214. Now, like I said this diet has worked. I’ve already lost 11 pounds and am eager to lose more as soon as the next food shipment gets here. While we’re waiting for the next order of Optavia food to get to our house, we have gotten some info and literature( Dr.A’s Habits of Health), so I’ve been able to find different recipes and ideas for snacks to get by on until I get more food.

I can’t say that it’s been easy, because it took a little while for the weight to start finally coming off, but once I got myself away from the usual junk I ate and drank and started followed the rules of this Optimal 5 and 1 diet plan my coach and I decided on energy fueling every two hours to with a variety of salad options, I actually saw the pounds come off. I think the part that has surprised me the most, about myself anyway, is that I have been able to stick with it quite well without constantly caving in and buying Mountain Dew every other day. But I haven’t. I’ve stuck with it and, I assume will continue to lose as much more weight(25-30 lbs.) as I want to.

Anyway, if anyone out there is looking for weight-loss plans, Optavia might be the right one for you as well. I know that it is none of my business how or what others do to take care of themselves but I figured I’d tell you anyway.

4 thoughts on “OPTAVIA: Just Over 2 Weeks In

  1. Congratulations Dan on your weight loss! It’s hard to redirect from years old habits of eating and drinking whatever we want., especially at our age. It gets harder as we age.
    I’m so happy for you-keep going Dude!
    See you soon.
    ❤️ Sharon


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