Thanks Guys!!

For the past few weeks, I have helped my sister and her husband by biking down to their house and taking their dog, a Boston Terrier named Meatloaf, out for a walk around the neighborhood during the middle of the day Monday through Friday. I have been able to do this most days, but there are some days when rain has made me cancel this little adventure. Even so, I’m so grateful to Kath and Jeff for offering me this little position!

We live about a mile away from them, and its pretty much one main, flat road to get there so to first do that, and then to walk the hound for 15 to 20 minutes up and down their street, I’m getting a nice little workout there. Throw in the rides back home and the days(M,W,F) that I box and its an even better workout!

What I love about this dog is that he is real quiet, totally opposite from Ann and I’s two tiny pups. If/when Meatloaf sees something that excites him like another dog or couple of people walking by, he tends to try and pull me toward whatever it is that has gotten his attention. Even so, the moments like those are few and far between.

Kath and Jeff thinking of me to do this small favor as much as a I can for them helps may seem a little bit shorter. By this, I mean that(in a day) the time tends to move a little faster because I am actually moving around from one spot to another rather than staying in one place. Therefore, the day tends to move along at a steadier pace, making me very happy.

OK, so that wraps up this blog, though it’s a bit shorter than others that I have done. Thanks once again to you guys for reaching out to me with this offer. Weather permitting, I’ll be by tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Thanks Guys!!

    • Thanks Wad, Yeah, in fact today marks 42 weeks. Hard to explain, but I’ll take it. Steve, if I’m able to hook up with Barge, is this a good week to meet at the Berkshire? Let me when you can. Danman

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  1. Great blog Dan,
    Kathy has said that it has been a huge help having you take their pup out . Sounds like it’s a win win for both of you!


    • Yeah, it sure has been. Their hound is so easygoing and mellow, which is totally opposite our dogs. I love getting out of the house for a while each day. So good for me. Dude, if you want we can do breakfast or lunch this weekend sometime. Annette is headed to Florida early tomorrow morning to see her friend who is real sick. Anyway, let me know either way. I hope that Travis and you are doing good. Love, Dan

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