The date finally has arrived: September 22nd, 2021. This is the date on which I reached 1 complete year seizure-free! I don’t know why and I don’t know how after so many years of multi-seizure days that wiped numerous plans and chances to try and resume a normal lifestyle I was chosen as the one person(out of millions) whose seizures would suddenly come to a halt. But I was! And I am ecstatic!!

OK, so I’m not a real religious person but I still believe that my mother and father(along with the Good Lord) no doubt played a big part in making this happen. Another huge factor in helping this all play out was the support of my beautiful family: wife Ann and son Eric. There is something to be said for a strong person, but there is even more to be said for a strong, supportive family who sticks with one another in good times and bad. That is how Ann and Eric have always been with, or toward me during these more difficult years, willing to help if or when called upon.

That last sentence might’ve sounded strange to some. After all, they are family members, aren’t they supposed to help? Well, yes, but not every person with epilepsy or any other disorder is as fortunate to have the support that I have. I suppose I have God to thank for that. Now, the only bad part of this entire year is that my memory and cognitive abilities are still terrible, the result of the many years of seizure activity. That was to be expected because of all of the seizures that I have had through the years along with the wide variety of different medications docs have tried on me.

And so, I would have to say the clincher to finally really having a chance to stop the seizures came around seven years ago, when I had a device called a neuropacemaker inserted into my skull up at Yale-New Haven hospital. Doctors told us not to expect an immediate stop to my seizures, so we didn’t… and I continued having seizures until 9/22/20. From then on, I’ve been seizure-free for just over a year now and I can hardly believe it!

I am truly thankful to Ann for the joyous party that she threw for me this past Saturday at our house, inviting people to stop by and celebrate this incredible occasion with plenty of food and drink.Mike, Bouch, as always it was great seeing you guys and your wives. I so appreciate your support after so many years of dealing with these damn seizures. Hopefully they’re gone for good.

Finally, thank you to every one of you who stopped by Ann’s party. It meant a lot to both Ann and I and every one of you who were there Saturday. Now lets keep our fingers crossed for another year seizure-free.


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