Is This Major League or Little League?

I know that this title is corny, but I began writing this blog about a third of the way through Game 1 of the Astros/Red Sox ALCS last night(Friday night) because although I love the game of baseball, I’ve come to realize that the game has faded significantly in quality since I was a kid.

For beginners, the game has slowed to a crawl! I’ve been watching this game for just over an hour and their just now finishing the 3rd inning! How could that be with professional players supposedly playing on the best teams remaining in the game this year? As for(100) me, I’m finding it hard to watch these games, yes, even playoff games, very long because they’re taking so damn long to get through an inning and pitchers seem to be having such a tough time throwing strikes consistently.

That shouldn’t be a problem but nothing in this world will stay the same forever. However, despite all my bitching about the length of this first game(and probably each and every other one) that I do, I will watch as much as I can-even though the Yanks aren’t battling’ for a title-because baseball has always been my favorite sport (200)since I was a little kid.

Maybe I should’ve done a little research about each teams’ available pitchers but I chose to say what I said here, but I’ve chosen not to. Maybe there is a good reason that pitching changes are being made every other inning in many of the games I’ve seen so far, but I’m failing to see how a team can feel confident they’re going to go real far by using this route.

I’m not real comfortable saying this, but I do predict that the Red Sox will get by the Astros to face the Braves in the World Series, with Boston taking it all in six games.

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