There Was a Gang of Good Eatin’

The above saying that I chose for this blog came directly from my father when he was pleased with something he had eaten. Don’t know why I chose to start this blog in such a way, but I did. Anyway, lets get on to the main subject of this particular blog: the incredible breakfast/ brunch we were invited over to enjoy by my sister Maureen Toth(e) and her husband Biff.

Speaking of Biff, an amazing cook, he was behind all of the food that we had to eat on that day including French Toast with blueberries, sausage and egg casserole, home fries, bacon, pecan rolls and something called pancake bread. You see? There was a ton of food and all of it tasted amazing. As usual, I ate too much, but I wasn’t about to be cautious about food proportions. Not on this day.

Now, as much fun as I had fun eating, I also had a blast catching up with my sis, also known as Bunson, Biff their daughter Jenna and her boyfriend Fernando. You see,I am the youngest in our family, Bunson is the second and we’ve always had a special relationship. We don’t get to see each other much so this invitation was a real nice move on their part so we could all catch up with one another.

Another great part of Sundays’ get-together was watching a little football. Yeah, Biff and Fernando enjoy football like myself although I didn’t necessarily block everyone else out once the game started to watch whatever game was on. It(the game) was more like background noise while we all talked about whatever in the living room. Instead of a roundtable discussion, we all had a roundroom discussion, sitting on a couch and different, very comfortable chairs all around the TV. We talked a lot, we laughed a lot and we ate a lot. It was perfect and for the millionth time Ann and I are thankful to Biff and Mo for a fabulous time.

4 thoughts on “There Was a Gang of Good Eatin’

  1. Sounds like you had a great time Dan! Biff is quite the cook-I’m a little jealous. There is nothing like getting together with family, is there?
    I’m glad you and Annette had a great time 🥰
    Love Sharon


    • Got that right, Steve. It felt like I was in a restaurant! By the way, wad, I’m thinking I’ll call Mike after Annette and I get back from N. C. We leave early next Wednesday and will return, I assume, on Sunday night. We probably won’t see each other before then so I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving Steve.

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