Thanksgiving 2021 in North Carolina

Ann and I’s trip down to North Carolina began at the crazy hour of 2AM on 11/24. No, that’s not a typing error that you see here, that was the actual time that we left. Amazing! This way, we could miss most of the heavy traffic and that’s exactly how it worked for us where, other than food/restroom stops, we rolled into Durham around 1.

We didn’t have to go to Winston-Salem because Eric had finished school a few days before we arrived and was picked up by our friend,Kelly. Ann and I have known Kelly since we all worked together in Arizona years ago. Eric too has gotten to know Kelly pretty well through the years. She was the one that hosted our Thanksgiving dinner, and even picked up the Thanksgiving turkey and other side dishes success as stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans. Our friend did not stop there. Kelly even made pecan rolls and a couple of other dessert pies/cakes though I have to say I enjoyed those pecan rolls the most(for dessert, that is.)

Even though Eric, Ann and I were staying at a Doubletree literally down the street from where Kelly lived, we were at her place most of the time that we were there talking, eating laughing and catching up with each other. Had Eric not come down with a cold that kept him back at the hotel sleeping at different times our Thanksgiving would’ve been perfect. it was great seeing Eric again, though. He looks great and said that he really enjoys the school! We’re so happy for him!

Now, if this blog is coming off as plain or uneventful, that is exactly how I thought that it should be but not in a bad way, other than Eric not feeling well. After all, Ann was off for a few days so I didn’t mind seeing her enjoying time off from her normally busy schedule with us and Kelly It certainly made me happy.

In just a couple of weeks, Ann will be bringing Eric home from North Carolina for his break, so we won’t have to miss for long. Even so, it was a great trip, he looks wonderful and he really enjoys the school he is attending. Well done Eric! We’re very proud of you!

Oh yeah, Kelly, thank you for everything as well! Amazing how good everything you made and had for us was.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2021 in North Carolina

  1. Danman! Sounds like a great time. Had to be, seeing & catching up with Eric. Good for you guys, glad you can pull it off!

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    • It was a lot of fun!! Except that my neck hurts because I took a nap at this woman’s place and her couch was pretty small. I guess my neck was bent at a 90 degree angle as I slept. Oh well!! I’ll be fine.

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