God, It Was Great To See Him!

Early Thursday night, Ann and Eric headed back to North Carolina to drop Eric off for his spring semester. Looking outside, I’m glad that they went when they did because we got quite a bit of snow and had they waited, they might not have gotten back there with the ease that they did. After spending the night somewhere in Maryland late Thursday, they were able to reach North Carolina at around 3 PM.

Eric began school this past Monday with another full-schedule that will not permit him to work. Even so, the last thing he needs pursuing something he loves is a job to slow down the momentum he has already built up after having an exceptional fall semester. I’m very happy that Ann and I were able to spend some time with him while he was here. We went out to eat a couple of times and even caught a matinee movie version of the classic, West Side Story. Not surprisingly, this movie had great dancing whose leads(main characters) had amazing voices.We all loved it!

About the only concern I have with Eric is whether or not the current Covid rate is going cause his classes to be canceled either temporarily or all together. By the time they left, everything was still set to begin on Monday. By everything, I mean Erics’ classes. The reason that I didn’t go down with them is because Ann was bringing her friend Kelly and Kelly’s dog, Sherlock, back. Plus, we couldn’t afford to be doling more money out to someone to watch our animals.

Even so, I saw him quite a bit since I don’t work and the fact that he was home for a little more than three weeks gave us a chance to talk a little bit. More often than not, Eric was doing other stuff, but we did have a few discussions. Nothing too deep, but rather short conversations to be sure that he was doing well each day. I can’t stop him from growing up, but I will always be his father, willing to help or at least offering help anyway at anytime.

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