Spring Break in CT.

It was only a week, but that felt like a month to me as our son, Eric, came back from his school in North Carolina(UNCSA) for spring break with two friends and fellow students,Elise and Ron, and showed them a little bit of Connecticut.

They just left last Friday and began making their way back to school, first visiting friends in, I believe, New York and then flying out the next day from La Guardia. Anyway, it was fun to see Eric and meet his friends, who were from Washington and Missouri, respectively.

Though Annette and I never got any time alone with Eric, my sister Sheila and I had a chance to spend a short time with him one night, when my sister picked us up and we went to Barnes & Noble bookstore in a nearby town. He sounded to me like things were going well at school, that he was happy with what he is doing and with the people that he has met so far. I do remember one discussion he had with us about a Speech class that he was taking, and of how Eric described a little bit that goes into the class. For instance, he described things like reciting different letter sounds as well as various volumes in speech as a couple things done in this class, which was totally foreign to me but also fascinating. He said this class is kind of tough, but when you’re attending one of the best schools in the country, hey, you’re bound to run into a few of those.

Now, there are times that I forget that he’ll be back in around two months and that we will see more of Eric then. Maybe I assume its sooner in the year, but obviously it is not and Eric is doing a great job staying with the respective workloads each class may require and I’m sure he’ll do great this semester like he did last.

Anyway, that is a quick rundown of how things went while Eric and his friends were here. At least things I remember. I’m sure Eric and his friends did other things, I just don’t know what it was they did. Ann and I found both of his friends to be real nice people. Great to see that Eric has taken so well to college and is doing so well in all of his courses.

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