Blue Boy Boxing: Quality from the Getgo

I have belonged to this place since it opened back in 2016, and, let me tell you, I plan on sticking around as long as I’m able to. The gym is operated by Kareem and Nina Blue, who offer a class to people with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and other similar neurological disorders. From the very first day of workouts, I’ve learned a lot from both of them, not to mention Shane who normally leads our midweek workouts. On top of that, he has a pretty gruesome drills thrown in with the post boxing stretches(100) we do following each workout.

Now, I’m not complaining about the workout, because I’m as fit as a fiddle(Yeah, right!). I’m just admiring one of the ways that have made this place a worthy place to come back to for the past few years It doesn’t hurt that they always play good music during our classes, usually a mix of popular tunes from past to present, with most of the songs rock classics. I find this to be a huge motivator if I come in for a class and am feeling sore , tired and unmotivated. That music(along with the boxing) gets me(200) going every time and I’m able to finish my workouts pretty easily.

For as long as I have been going to the BBBC, there have been around 8 or 9 people in our classes but right now the number is a little smaller, I believe 6 or 7. Even so, I can relate to the others in my class because each of them is fighting their own battles with something, though it’s not epilepsy. And their good people. Every class has the same intensity and as a result, I’m benefitting from it. No, I’m not losing weight. I certainly wish I was but that is not happening right now. But I’m having far fewer seizures, in fact I just went a little more than a year without a seizure before having another one. Even so, I’m having far fewer than I was before I started working out here. But I’m having fun, laughing, getting a great workout and that’s what is most important to me . Keep it up BB!

4 thoughts on “Blue Boy Boxing: Quality from the Getgo

  1. Hey Dan, I know this place has been a God send for you.
    I’m glad that after all these years you are still enjoying it.
    Love Sharon


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