One Year In, Things Going Well

This past Monday night, Annette, Eric and I returned from Winston-Salem, North Carolina after helping him clean out his dorm, store away some of his things in one of the storage lockers that they have for students. This was just one of a few things we did on our short trip.

For most of the time that we were there, we didn’t see Eric an awful lot. This was because he was visiting(and staying with) his friend Grace, a nice young lady from California who is a UNCSA sophomore and with whom Eric has been working on a play that Grace(100) is writing and Eric directing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other details about this play, but with those two being the main catalysts, I’m quite sure the play will be fantastic.

As usual, we stayed in Durham with our friend Kelly, whom Ann and I know from our Arizona days and also went out to dinner as a group a couple of times. The first time, the three of us went to a place called Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub in Durham. The food was fabulous and I was able to enjoy a Guinness, which is always a treat.

On Saturday,(200) Annette helped Kelly, the event planner and coordinated for a wedding, so I was alone for awhile, but that was fine. I took a couple of walks around the pond that is in the center of the apartment complex. There was a trail, and it wasn’t real long but for all except that the last day, the weather was comfortable, so I went out and walked because I usually do that often(with my pup) back at home. I also watched the Kentucky Derby and absolutely loved it that a long shot(Rich Strike, 80-1 odds) won the race.

Finally, we all ate together, Eric too, at Tobacco Wood Brewing Co., another restaurant with super food and plenty to drink, if you like trying different beers. It was a way to thank our friend for once again being such a gracious hostess. The next morning, the three of us headed home, arriving in Thomaston about 8pm.

Erics’ first year was a success and Ann and I are so proud that he handled being a long way from home for the first time so well. Can’t say that I’m surprised at all.

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