I Need To Lose Weight…Again!

The title above was also the title of my latest Toastmaster speech this past Monday night. I had waited until the last minute like I often did when looking for something to talk about and then I said, well, I’m gaining weight again. Why not talk about how, at my age(54)it’s pretty important that I retake the weight off that I had taken off a couple of years ago once again.

Since I’m always a little nervous before a speech, I tried my best to start my latest speech with a touch of humor. I almost immediately began listing a couple of reasons why it’s so tough for me to lose and keep weight off: my willpower’s awful and I couldn’t afford to start another diet program.

Next I talked about how a persons(my very own) success at dieting depends on doing it 24/7, with no breaks for eating chips, soda or fast-food at any time because then I’ll only gain more weight, not lose it.

Finally, I told everyone that I do a lot of things, but now I have to be able to start and stick with a diet plan on my own, without paying a fortune to be on a program. We’ll see what happens!

I went on to talk for a minute or maybe two about how I have lost weight before, telling them the capacity crowd of 9 other Toastmaster members that I lost around 20 pounds a few years back doing the Optavia diet. It had been hard, I told them, but I stuck with it because we were paying good money, so I wasn’t about to throw that chance down the drain once I got going.

But then I added that I needed to stop the diet because it became too expensive for Ann and I. This was about the time of my speech where I admitted that I’d basically gained all the weight that I had lost back again. But I made it clear that I was indeed an active person, boxing, walking my dogs(and sisters’) and riding my bike quite a bit each week.

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