The Power of Words

This was the theme of my latest speech for our Toastmasters meeting this past Monday night. I used a couple of different phrases, one that I heard and another one that I, myself, used to get into why words, even in very short phrases, could make such an impact.

I then went on to talk about how Ann and I eventually had that first date, and of how I wasted no time showing her this “little” disorder that I had, by having a seizure on our very first date. I then talked about the incredible life that we have had together up to this point with, God willing , many more to come. There have been operations galore, childcare costs and more, but I give Ann a ton of credit for all of her hours working and I say, Thank You My Dear Ann! Happy Anniversary ! I love you, Net Net!

I began my speech by sharing part of a story that my sister told me. She said that when she was about 5, she had been climbing a tree when she fell back to the ground and landed on her back. Having landed on her back and had the wind knocked out of her, she told me the our father, at that time, said to her, “Be brave.”

Just recently, this same sister had some surgery and told me how those words kept ringing in her head. Without a doubt, I believe that this gave her courage and protection during the surgery. Sure enough, things turned out OK for her.

One last thing, Ann and I even did a high-five after my speech, just like we did on our wedding day!!

After that, I first mentioned the cheesy five-word phrase I used on Annette when I finally found the guts to go up and talk to her, “So, do you date much?” Then I went on to say that from this corny pick-up line, Ann and I have been together around 25 years while celebrating a wonderful marriage, including our 22-year Wedding Anniversary, which is today(6/17). We’ve also worked to raise our beautiful, talented and very smart son, Eric, who will be a sophomore at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

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