All These Years Later, This Day is Still So Tough

Today marks 34 years since my mother passed away at the far too young age of 55. Due to her and dad being such amazing parents to all 10 of us, each one of us has turned out OK. We also have the strength it takes to keep living our lives despite the incredible sorrow and grieving all of us experienced when she passed away.

I know that this day certainly jumps off the calendar for me each year because mom and I had a special relationship. I’ve taken awhile(100) free from writing blogs but once this date(8/4) rolled around, I felt the need to pay tribute to this woman, who was more than our mom.

To me, she was a friend that I could laugh with about lots of stuff, talk about something that might be bothering me or on my mind or watch a ballgame with, no matter the sport. It seems to me that mom was always able to keep our family under control all through the years. Don’t get, me wrong, dad did a hell of a job as well, but it was mom who did(200) all she could from morning to night, day after day, to be sure that we all had food in our stomachs and clothes on our backs.

Now, mom, as you can now see, life has turned out pretty well for all of your kids and many grandkids. All of us have people who love us, a roof over our heads and food to put into our stomachs each and every day. Eric will head back to school next week along with Annette while I stay behind and watch the cats and dogs. Eric will be a sophomore. While I know that(300) you already know this, it helps me to feel as though you are present with us.

Remember this,Mom- though I grieve on this day each and every year, I rejoice knowing that both dad and you will be our families’ guardian angels until our last breaths. Love, Dan

5 thoughts on “All These Years Later, This Day is Still So Tough

  1. Dan, what a beautiful tribute to Mom. Mom was so young when she died and so were we. Each year gets no easier with her gone, but I believe Mom is watching over is.
    We were blessed to have such a wonderful mother.
    Love you Dan ❤️


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