Latest Toastmasters Speech

I went about doing it this past Monday night at our latest meeting, and because he would head back to UNCSA this past Thursday, I thought that it would be appropriate to talk about how nice it was to have him around for at least one more summer.

While Eric worked plenty at a resort (Winvian)in Morris and made some good money that he put aside for the upcoming year, Ann and I were able to see and speak with him on most days and we were both feeling good about the upcoming year for him. He also made(100) a point to spend time with friends around here that he still knew from high school, taking in a couple of different Broadway shows.

I made sure to tell Eric how wonderful it was to have him around here and to talk when we could. That meant an awful lot to me and I told him that. I’m certainly hoping that he felt the same as I did. My speech just barely reached within the time range given for each speaker.

Speaker range for our speeches was between five and seven minutes and I managed to finish my speech in(200) five minutes and ten seconds. By now, I think that I can deliver my speeches pretty smoothly and I don’t feel nearly as nervous or anxious as I did when Ann and I began doing this. The rest of those on hand for our meeting seemed to enjoy my speech and gave me some good feedback.

OK, back to Eric. Him and Ann, each in their own cars, reached North Carolina last night safely and I have spoken to Ann a few times since they first left. She told me that he went to see one of his school friends(300) once they reached Carolina, but I’m sure that we will talk again soon.

Well, now I know that Eric is at the place where he is happiest and that, in turn makes me very happy.

I love you Eric! I hope that you have a great year. Dad

5 thoughts on “Latest Toastmasters Speech

  1. Dan,
    Very nice tribute to Eric. You and Annette have done a great job raising him to be an independent , well rounded person!
    Love Sharon


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