Berkshire Lunch Tale

Yesterday just before noon, my good friend Mike swung by to pick me up. We then headed over to Charlotte Hungerford where we picked up my brother Steve, before heading down to the Berkshire Cafe for some of their always tasty pizzas. Oh, and we kidded ourselves by ordering and eating some salad as well.

Anyway, seeing these two guys was like running a highlight reel because we talked about the basketball team that Mike and I were part of back in the sixth grade that Steve and his friend coached and the hoop teams that Steve and Mike starred on years ago.

And of course, we laughed a lot because my brother is funny as hell and Mike and I find humor in just about anything. Combine the three of us and you’re bound to get a gang of laughs.Discussions also covered more serious topics like one anothers’ current family stories and updates, and that too was important to me because I know that I’m not going to remember what I was told for very long.

Now, back to the incredible pizza we had. It was a large with mushroom, onion, olive, sausage and peppers. Amazing as always!! A heavyweight classic for three heavyweight eaters……but we couldn’t quite finish it off. I was awarded the leftovers, which I slowly finished up as I wrote this blog earlier today.

Such a perfect ending to what had been a real nice mini-reunion. Not everyone is lucky enough to have incredible brothers or dear friends, but I am, and for that I am forever grateful. I know that we will probably do what we did Wednesday again some day, but until then, I’ll try and remember what a great time we did have yesterday and cherish the good times the three of us had.

Also, I wanted to say thanks to Steve and Mike for covering the bill, though I literally offered to throw in my two cents but they said I was good. Just another example of what makes them such great guys.

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