A Couple of Memorable Outings

On Saturday afternoon, my dear wife Ann thought it would be nice to visit somewhere down by the water(ocean) and spend a few hours together. It was a brilliant ideas as we ended up driving down to the Niantic Bay Boardwalk and taking a nice walk-2 miles total- on what looked like a fairly new boardwalk and enjoying the views only a few hundred feet from the ocean. Both Ann and I walked steadily 1 mile and 1 mile, conquering the whole thing in, I believe, under an hour.

It was such a great time talking, laughing and being able to enjoy this time with the woman I love as she enjoyed some time relaxing. I wish Niantic were closer because that would be a great daily workout for me. Ah, well, at least Ann and I had a great time on Saturday.

Now, on Sunday, I headed over to my brother Steve’s house to watch football and enjoy the great lunch that he made for us. Incredibly good!! Lenny cooked us a pot roast topped with cheddar cheese, French Onion & Golden Mushroom soup. There was also a side of carrots, potatoes, squash and zucchini among other things. Very, very good food!! My meek contribution to this feast was a couple of bags of chips.

Even so, Steve and I had a nice time! We talked, we laughed about stuff and, of course, stuffed our faces, which might’ve been what him and I enjoyed the most.

I only wish that I hadn’t had a seizure yesterday(Tuesday) to once again blur fond memories. Oh well, I’m still pretty damn fortunate.

So there you have it, a weekend spent with people that I love doing enjoyable things. These two occasions/outings don’t happen a great deal, but when they do I feel so good during and even after because I am so lucky to have so many people love me and, therefore, do things like I just talked about above.

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