A Great Getaway for Ann and I

When we took off for San Antonio early last week, the goal was for Ann to attend and enjoy her biblical 2-day conference,To Teach and Preach the Bible which was also in San Antonio and for us to stay at my good friend Sean’s house for a few days to help us save money for our trip: mission accomplished!

On another day, we headed over to The Alamo Mission, aka the Alamo in San Antonio to check out the historic compound founded long ago by Roman Catholic missionaries. Ann helped my poor memory by taking many pictures of the unique structures. Now that I think back, she took pictures everywhere that we went, including our picture next to a huge pair of cowboy boots at the entrance to a mall we went to, just for fun, and I am so grateful to her for that.

Now, I believe on the same day, we did the Riverwalk either before or after the Alamo, but this too, was fun. I don”t know if all of us were there, but Ann, Sean and I walked for awhile looking at the boats coming down the river and, I believe, shopping a bit as well. The Riverwalk is also in San Antonio.

Another town we visited was Fredericksburg in central Texas that is known for wineries and home to the National Museum of the Pacific War. It was fun to see yet another different yet pleasant town where people seemed happy and satisfied with their lives.

We also managed to do something each day, with my three favorite things being visiting Luckenbach, a town that was the subject of a song(Back to the Basics of Love) back in 1977 by Waylon Jennings. While there, we all got something to eat and a beer. Yes, it was very cool. We also listened to either aspiring professionals or ordinary Joe”s(and Jane’s) singing and playing their best. It was a blast!!

Finally, it’s time, once more to thank you, Sean and your family for your generous hospitality and for being such great hosts the entire time we were there. It was a fabulous stay and we had a great time!

4 thoughts on “A Great Getaway for Ann and I

  1. Dan, so glad you had a wonderful time in Texas with your best friend Sean. He’s a great guy and has been with you as a friend for a long long time I’m so glad you got to see him and have a nice vacation away from Connecticut. Talk to you soon love Sharon


    • It was so nice seeing Sean and meeting his whole family. They were all very nice! He was always suggesting places to go and so we went to different places each day. They also have a real nice house! It was big and beautiful. Not that I was surprised. I hope that you guys are doing well. Love!!

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