Busy as Hell But Lovin’ It!

The man I’m talking about is our (Ann and I’s son), Eric, who recently sent us a copy of the play, titled Halloween Special, that he wrote on his own and twice presented earlier this week to interested students at a theater that was available on campus.

Now, I’ve got to be honest: I had no idea that he had been working on the play until Ann told me about a week ago. In all, he casted roles for six people, friends and acquaintances in his show. From a short video that he passed along to Ann and I, it looks like he picked the right people because the show was well done.

Eric didn’t do this as a project for a class, but instead a side project in addition to whatever he had to take care of with his actual classes.Does the guy ever rest? I say that in a joking way because, of course, we’re proud as hell for the work he did on this play but also because he has been able to manage his time well enough to excel in every one of his classes despite being that busy.

If anyone’s wondering why I have not talked about the content of Eric’s play, it’s because that is not what is important to me in me this blog. Instead, I wanted to show readers how amazing a guy Eric has been as he attempts to find out what he will eventually do, trying different things to see what he will eventually like to do for a living.

Ann and I are not surprised at all that he did this because he was always a very confident kid. Now, as a grown man, or adult, Eric is trying different things, at one of the best schools in the country no less, quite sure that he is going to find future success no matter what he ends up doing for a living.

Finally, I’m just going to say how proud Ann and I are of Eric. He loves where he’s at and has excelled since he first started that. Keep up the good work, Eric!!

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