A Night to Remember(Sort Of)

A couple of nights ago, I met up with six old friends of mine for a good old-fashioned reunion. We met in Torrington, at the Berkshire Cafe. There were only two of these guys that I had seen fairly recently, Sean and Bouch, so it was great to see how and what everyone else was up to.

Our gang included Bill, Craig,Rob, Jeff, Bouch, Sean and myself. There were drinks, food, old stories shared by some if not all of us and a whole lotta laughing! As you can see from the picture below, we’re all smiling or laughing because it was incredible to be with all these great guys again. They’re also very generous. I offered to chip in money but they wouldn’t have it and I drank far too much!! Thus the reason that I added Sort Of to my blog title.

Out of respect for each of the guys, I’m not going to get into where they’re now living or what doing. Oh, who am I kidding, I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I wanted to because I just recall talking either as a group with all of them telling old, silly stories or talking one on one with each of them to see how each of them have been doing.

Amazing, I’ve known Rob and Bill the longest because I went to St. Francis School in Torrington with them and then Bouch and Sean since we were 13 before we stars on the 13-yr. old All-Star team. I then met Craig and Jeff in high school. That’s a long time ago! Even so, the fact that we made an effort to get together makes me so happy because, for me anyway, it was exactly what I needed. No, not the booze, but the reconnection with some special people who definitely boosted my spirits. Thank you all for being such great guys!

3 thoughts on “A Night to Remember(Sort Of)

  1. Hey Dan, it’s always great to get together with old friends isn’t it? You have some very special friends that care about you and enjoy their time with you. I’m glad you had a great night 😊.
    ❤️ Sharon


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