Wonderful T-Day Weekend in N. C.

Even though this trip included some early-morning traveling, it was much easier(for me anyway) to wake up because we were going to see our son, Eric, for Thanksgiving. It probably also had to do with the fact that I wasn’t driving. Even so, I stayed awake for Ann the entire time and we had a wonderful visit.

It was my first time seeing Eric’s apartment a couple away from his school, and I thought it was great! It was wonderful, with high ceilings and seemingly, a lot of space. In fact, Eric hosted our Thanksgiving and let me tell youth did a real nice job! For starters, the place was quite clean and we also had plenty of food, including, well, turkey, stuffing , salad, and Ann made some fried peppers and tomatoes, something I wasn’t real familiar with but had a couple servings of anyway. Yum!!

Eric invited a friend over to eat with us, which we thought was great. Daniel(no, really!) goes to school with Eric and they’ve become good friends. I believe that they are pursuing the same major but, hey, don’t quote me. Anyway, he’s a real good guy and Ann and I were more than happy to have him join us.

For desert, we had store-bought apple and pumpkin pies. I’m not apple fan but I certainly enjoyed some pumpkin pie. So there it is, a quick rundown of what we had to eat, but we also did some other things: shopping with Eric and buying him a few things that he needed for his apartment.

Other things we did was going out to eat to Kranky’s in Winston-Salem with Eric, Ann and a couple of people Eric knew. It’s main staple product is coffee so I didn’t get anything, but I did enjoy Eric and the others talking about their different teachers from this past semester. I’ve never heard so much praise coming from college-aged kids. It was so nice!

Now, we did see our friend Kelley a couple of times and also stayed with her but to see Eric again really boosted my spirits! He is a great guy doing so well in school and I am so proud of how he aggressively pursues what he would most like to do someday. Well done, Eric! Mom and I are so proud of you! We’ll see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Wonderful T-Day Weekend in N. C.

  1. Sounds like a grand time Danman!! Good for you and‘Nettes!!



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