Hockey Night in Hartford

That was where Ann and I were this past Saturday night around six rows from the ice, watching the Hartford Wolf Pack battle the Grand Rapids Griffins at the XL Center. Now, I must say it was a blast to see Ann being a sports fan for a night this one time, cheering on the “Pack’ and getting even more fired up when they scored a goal.

Of course, my memory is not what it used to be, but I’m guessing that this had been the first hockey game that I had seen since moving back from Arizona nearly 20 years ago. How lucky were we that our seats were basically level with the ice and that we were able to see many a jolting check into the boards on our side. It was so cool!!

The Wolf Pack, who are affiliated with the New York Rangers came away with a shutout, but that didn’t have Ann and I turning cartwheels. It was just watching her actually have fun at a sporting event which, to me, was real cute to watch because she did not have to do this in the first place. The tickets were given to her by a co-worker and Ann could’ve easily said, “Hockey, really? No thanks.” Instead, it’s apparent that she thought of me(again) and we had a blast all night long.

Just like before Saturday night, I probably won’t watch any hockey games on the tube but that is because hockey, to me is a super game to watch in person only. Therefore, I’d definitely be willing to go to another game. Anyway, like always other than the game, Ann took plenty of pictures including the Wolf Pack mascot, Sonar, dressed, of course, like a hockey player.

About the only surprising part of the night, for me anyway, was to see how small the crowd was. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised because the WPack, so far isn’t having a real good year. After all, its not like that’s(attendance) is my problem. I think that I assumed that because the (Hartford) Whalers sometimes had big crowds, this might be the same.

OK, enough of that. The short of this story is that Ann and I had a great time Saturday on our date, and I’m looking forward to seeing another one some time, maybe this year with my love.

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