A Couple of Things Happened, But It Was Still a Beautiful Christmas

The Christmas holiday at the Canfield house was an interesting one for reasons that I never thought that a Christmas ever could be. First of all, a couple days before Christmas Day, our son Eric, in an effort to slice up some some sweet potatoes, nearly added the very tip of his right pinky to the few pieces he had already sliced up before this accident.

Ann and I honestly thought that he was kidding around because though he was holding his hand, we didn’t see any blood…but then we saw that his agony kept up. Eventually, of course, we saw what had happened and they went to the Waterbury ER.

After that though, things were pretty normal as we woke up Christmas morning. I had my beautiful wife and son to be grateful for and, as a grown man, that is all I needed. Ann and I had bought Eric a couple of gifts as well as some stocking stuff, which he naturally opened Christmas morning. A short time later, Ann started to the prepare turkey dinner we planned on having.

But, you see, we would encounter the next hurdle: the turkey that we had bought was bad!! We took all the wrap off of it and there was four or five black dots on it. Disgusting!! The Grinch must’ve been in town. Rather than looking for more food to throw together, we got some Chinese food and had a fabulous holiday meal. Sure, it was different, but I doubt we were the only people eating take-out food on Christmas Day.

Now, the two things that I talked about(above) being bumps on our holiday road, of course, are minor when you look at the rest of the problems the world has today. Even so, those were certainly a couple of things that you don’t expect or don’t want to happen. But we made the best of it because we had one another eating, putting even more ornaments onto our tree. The perfect ending to our day was watching old classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. a nice finish to a beautiful day.

Here’s hoping that all my family and friends had a Merry Christmas while wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

3 thoughts on “A Couple of Things Happened, But It Was Still a Beautiful Christmas

  1. Great story Dan,
    Iā€™m glad Eric is ok and you DIDNT eat the turkey.
    Iā€™m also glad you ended up having a good Christmas.
    Happy New Year!šŸŽ†
    Love, Sharon


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