It Looks a Little Better Around Here . . . .

And it’s all because of Ann. We had some major repairs completed in our bathroom due to the floor sinking in causing the toilet to not be level which caused leaking. The men working are in the latter stage of finishing their work by taking out the sink, totally removing the bathtub and installing a shower instead as well as new shower doors because the bathtub was sinking into the floor which meant new flooring as well as significant boarding and changing out the bifold door with an actual locking door. They also painted the walls and door white for us. Quality work!

By the way, I forgot to mention that the guys also did put our sink back in. After all, a bathroom is only so good without one. We also had to put in a temporary second toilet in downstairs next to Eric’s room so that we could all survive while these guys were working.

Some of you reading this might find it to be a strange “topic” compared to other blogs I’ve done, but, seriously I’m real happy that we had repair done because the toilet leakage in the basement was not good. I often felt as though I was in a YMCA when I went to take my shower each day. Ugh!! We are happy in our home of 19 years so we need to keep up with repairs and improvements in our modest Thomaston house that has become a home after so many memories and it suits us just fine.

Other house alterations in the future will be changing out our attic ladder which has been becoming unsafe. We also are deciding to half a wall between kitchen and the living area for more natural light to decrease electricity. It will be made into a bar-type area where you can either sit and hang out and read the paper(me), eat or even watch TV from the kitchen as we cook or clean up so Ann and I can hang out while we are preparing food and trying to eat healthier and still watch TV which is great.

Now, the work being done(and soon to be done) is by the Foothills Handyman that we’ve used in the past and they always do a great job. An honest and hard-working group of guys who do nice work and charge fair prices. Plus, they talk to you or explain stuff when you have a question, unlike other people we’ve had in the past who were not so willing to answer questions or explain things. So far, so good.

2 thoughts on “It Looks a Little Better Around Here . . . .

  1. Hey Dan, it’s always fun to have thing’s updated in your house, I think it makes the house feel new again.😊
    I’m glad you and Annette were able to do this . Enjoy it.
    ❤️ Sharon


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