Music at the Jameson

Ann and I discussed spending more time together earlier this week. Saturday night we went to The Jameson Pub in Watertown, where the band, Stiletto, who played a nice selection of Fleetwood Mac classics including Don’t Stop, Go Your Own Way, Hold Me and many more.

For me, it was the fact that the Jameson was such a cozy little pub that made the music coming from Stiletto a bit more vibrant and attractive. I’d never heard of this group, but that didn’t matter to Ann and I. We had made the decision to get together at least one time(100) each weekend, whether it be at a bar, restaurant or even night of bowling, who knows. While bowling may rarely if ever be picked by Ann and I as a way to spend some quality time together, we have done it in the past which is why I believe I thought of going bowling.

Sorry for rambling about bowling. Now, the reason that we went to this pub was because Ann had found it on a list places that I’d made up a couple of days earlier, called them and made the decision that we were going to go there. Since we both liked Fleetwood Mac and Ann had been to this place a while ago and had said good things about it, we went back, and we had a great time!

It’s great to be “dating” Ann again occasionally but we had to be sure to watch our budget while we’re out, enjoying one anothers’ company because, so often, it’s easy to go above and beyond spending limits we might’ve made. We are not in a situation to spend freely and probably never will be.

One of the best things about the Jameson Pub is that they have enough room at one end of the place for the band to play, as well as a couple of small tables for customers as well as the bar. That’s about all! It’s a pretty small place! Perfect for listening to some wonderful music with my beautiful wife.

Finally, though I won’t talk to him until a little later today, I’d like to wish a Happy 20th Birthday to our son, Eric. I love you and am proud as hell of you!

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